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With Crescent Electric's recent web update, more features than ever are at your fingertips. To prepare you for features like lightning-quick ordering and enhanced inventory management, browse from the selections below to get the service you need today. Don't forget to visit and bookmark our homepage!

How to View Your Order History

Review a complete log of past orders, access all paid and new invoices, and pay bills - all from one location.

How to view Available Inventory

Get real-time inventory at your preferred Crescent Electric location. Orders will be ready to ship or pick up the next day.

Tips for Faster Checkout

Set up your account to expedite order speed by following these simple tips!

How to Access Shopping Lists

Our shopping lists tool lets you quickly reorder frequently purchased items without scrolling through a catalog.

Simple Online Ordering

Getting the tools you need on your timeline is important for your project's success. That's why we're here to help you along every step of the way. Register an account today and gain access to valuable business services, clear and concise product information, and seamless account management.

Built With Our Customers In Mind

We know that project management doesn’t always happen in an office or at a desk. That’s why our new website is designed for full mobile functionality so you can make orders faster and easier than ever before -  right from your jobsite!