How to Use Shopping Lists

Use Shopping Lists to Quickly Reorder Frequently Purchased Items

Shopping lists are a great way to stay organized. You’ll find Shopping Lists is an online tool that lets you easily organize groups of products any way you want. If you had shopping lists on, we made sure they were moved to our new website.

Watch this video and we’ll show you how to create and access your Shopping Lists so that you can quickly reorder your frequently purchased items.

How to Access Your Saved Shopping Lists

  • Click on “Account” and Login
  • After you’re signed in, hover over "Account" and click on “My Account.”
  • In the right-hand corner, click on the hamburger drop-down menu (blue square with 3 lines) and choose “Shopping Lists”
  • If you were a user, here’s where you’ll find your complete shopping lists.
  • Click on any list to access it.
  • For fast ordering, click “Add All Items to Cart” or you may click on individual products and “Add to Cart.”
  • To change the name of the shopping list, click “Edit” and change the name or add shopping list notes. Be sure to click on “Save.”
  • To duplicate this list, click on “Duplicate List,” click on the drop-down and choose “Create New Shopping List +” and type in the new list name.
  • To add items to a list, type the product into the search bar, choose the product, and then select “Add to Shopping List,” which is located to the right of “Add to Cart” button.
  • To delete items, simply click on delete.
  • To delete the entire shopping list, click on “Delete Shopping List” next to the trash can icon.
  • You may print the list by selecting “Print This Page” or download by clicking on “Download into CSV” for a file that includes item number, code, unit price, quantity and subtotal.

Now you’ve amped up your organization!