Take True Command of Every Job Start to Finish

Materials alone don’t get the job done. You need processes and people you can count on to get the results you promise and your clients demand. For more than 100 years, electrical contractors like you have put their trust in Crescent to help optimize the performance of any project, from the design and quotation stage to jobsite delivery and ongoing management.

Crescent stands apart, offering project management and jobsite services to increase your operational efficiency, streamline inventory usage, accelerate timelines, and even expedite cleanup. 


A proven way to consolidate inventory, limit excess packaging, and cut the amount of physical space required for material storage. Partner with the Crescent team to organize materials by specific areas, by building, by floor, or by specific rooms. The right materials get to the right locations so your teams can get to work fast.


DTS is a material staging and storage service that helps any project stay on schedule. Materials are quickly and accurately delivered to your jobsites, which helps your project manager stay ahead of their project needs. 

Materials are ordered and delivered to a Crescent facility. Our team inspects, receives, and stores everything. Crescent’s DTS could eliminate the need to rent or buy a secure jobsite storage solution, which can mean significant cost savings. Your materials remain ready for shipment to your jobsite in customized deliveries as directed by your project manager.


The Crescent team is ready to offer a high level of jobsite support ideal for large residential and commercial construction jobs, Conex cages, clam shells, and similar physical assets.

When you have to manage a large amount of common resources like pipe, wire, fittings, or boxes, we have the ability to provide containers designed and built to store everything onsite for the length of your project. Fixture carts are another option, which allow material to be stacked on rolling carts to use at your location, saving time and reducing jobsite waste.


Crescent offers a variety of delivery services options, which includes free Crescent Truck Delivery. With real-time delivery alerts through Innovo Deliver, you can follow your shipment status via text or email, from the time it leaves a Crescent warehouse to the moment it arrives at your location.