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Create a Safer and More Secure Workplace with Crescent Electric

Creating a safe and secure workplace is one of the most critical issues a business faces. By maintaining high levels of safety and security, a company can improve its bottom line while demonstrating respect for employee well-being. High workplace safety standards can dramatically lower costs associated with injuries and illness, help minimize legal expenses, reduce turnover and absenteeism, and raise employee morale. Maintaining good business security helps prevent and mitigate worksite theft, protects company resources, property, and employees, and ensures proper data protection. In other words, safety and security are good for business.  

Here at Crescent Electric Supply, we understand the challenges customers face when creating and maintaining high workplace safety and security standards. We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of best-in-class products, services, and industry expertise that can boost your business’s safety and security standards.  

Top Products

We offer many products to help you achieve and maintain workplace safety and security goals. From circuit breakers and safety switches to motion sensors, security cameras, and alarms—shop Safety and Security to find what you need.

Crescent’s Key Services

Take advantage of our specialty services designed to help you improve your business's safety and security standards. We offer audits for arc flash and data security, and electrical power distribution and safety lifecycle services through our partners.

Our Industry Expertise

Our team of professionals has the industry knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your safety and security goals. With experts in both industrial engineering and construction markets, we’re ready to answer your questions.


Quick and Easy Ordering and Support

Shop online 24/7 to have everything you need for your projects delivered quickly right to your door, or stop by the nearest branch. Crescent makes it easy to get the products and support you need when you need it.

24-Hour Emergency Support: Emergencies can happen at any time, and we’re committing to supporting you whenever they do. Get access to a knowledgeable, professional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by calling your local branch or our after-hours emergency services number, (800) 397-3900

Spotlight Services

Application Engineers

Crescent’s highly experienced team of Application Engineers can deliver solutions for every aspect of your facility, site, or location in disciplines that include electrical, mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering. They prepare detailed proposals that ensure successful production and automation outcomes while protecting workers, confidential data, and industrial assets from potential hazards. They will deliver a comprehensive proof of concept with near-complete risk mitigation to reduce estimated probabilities of injuries and security breaches, and also cope with hazards and eventualities that cannot be assigned meaningful probabilities.

The AE team is highly skilled in industrial automation applications and can identify when automation can perform dangerous tasks normally performed by humans and thus reduce potential safety incidents. They can leverage a strong supplier network to facilitate arc flash studies, LOTO training, plant safety walk throughs, and machine safety studies to help ensure employee safety. Additionally, they can identify supplier partners to aid in cybersecurity audits to help protect the security of critical production and business data.