The VMI Solution Delivering Just What You Need Right When You Need It

If you’re an electrical contractor, industrial purchaser, engineer, OEM or MRO, you understand the critical challenge of inventory management. Downtime due to undersupply means deadline delays, extra purchase orders, and lost revenue.

StockNOW, Crescent’s exclusive Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution, helps eliminate common supply challenges, allowing you to house products onsite and automate inventory management. It essentially brings a fully stocked Crescent Electric mini warehouse right to your facility or jobsite. Conex boxes, plastic bins, or clamshells are all available depending on your project size and product need.

Using the StockNOW mobile app, barcode scanner, and tracking system, you can:

  • Easily manage inventory replenishment. You can even pre-determine minimum and maximum inventory levels. 
  • Monitor spending rate and product cost for specific jobs in real time.
  • Identify and stock critical spare products.Adjust local inventory and back-stock, including made-to-order items that require lengthy lead times. 


With StockNOW, tracking and replenishing products has never been easier. Fully supported by Crescent’s nationwide network of more than 130 branch locations, StockNOW gives you an unprecedented level of inventory precision and analysis. This optimized inventory-management efficiency ensures production momentum and frees cash flow that would have been tied up in traditional delivery cycles. That means increased productivity, reduced financial risk, and peace of mind knowing you have the right parts when and where you need them.