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Schneider Electric PowerPacT B

Molded Case Circuit Breaker


Introducing PowerPacT B molded case circuit breakers from Schneider Electric!

Offering proven performance, flexibility, and reliability, PowerPacT B circuit breakers have been developed from 60 years of expertise and leadership in industrial circuit breaker technology. Made for a variety of commercial applications, PowerPacT B circuit breakers are designed for control panels, industrial machines, and more.

Designing Electrical Solutions

PowerPacT B allows you to win more projects and deliver the best solutions. Ensure reliable circuit protection and secure connections over time. 

Building and Installing Electrical Equipment

Make your business more profitable with PowerPacT B. Save up to 40% of time spent on installation with I-line plug-on circuit breakers or unit-mounted circuit breakers with built-in DIN rail mounting.

Designing and Building Control Panels or Machines

PowerPacT B features the best combination of size and performance for main and feeder circuit protection. Plus, termination options suit a wide variety of specification and design needs. 

PowerPacT B Benefits

EverLink Technology

Reduce the loosening of cables over time with patented EverLink lugs. Minimize loose wiring caused by wire strand deformation, vibration, and shocks. 

Easy Mounting

PowerPacT B doesn’t require DIN rail brackets and can be mounted easily on a grid or DIN rail, as well as directly to a backpan. 

Quick Installation

Prepare for last-minute project changes with one-click, field-installable electrical accessories.  

Schneider Electric’s PowerPacT B circuit breakers are available and ready to ship—shop today!