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RAB Lighting Lightcloud Blue

Powerful, Flexible, Simple. 

RAB Lighting Lightcloud Blue

Lightcloud Blue is a powerful, flexible, simple lighting control system designed to manage lighting wirelessly, without the need of a Gateway or Hub. It’s as easy as downloading the Lightcloud Blue app, connecting your enabled products, and quickly configuring them. Lightcloud Blue is designed to be used in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

Discover the Powerful Benefits of Lightcloud Blue

Lightcloud Blue Key Features

Rapid Provisioning

Rapid Provisioning is a patent-pending technology that allows users to easily commission devices in large groups (up to 100) rather than one at a time, so you can get hundreds of devices connected in minutes instead of hours— that’s up to 10x faster than any other competing control system on the market!

Scalable and Flexible

Lightcloud Blue makes it simple to start small and scale up, letting you add up to five sites, each with up to 600 devices, for a total of 3,000 devices! Because it’s so easy to grow, the system is equally capable of managing residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

Bluetooth® Mesh Connectivity

Lightcloud Blue devices are controlled via an independent, self-automated Bluetooth mesh system. Each device in that system can communicate directly with any other device in it, eliminating the need for a Lightcloud Gateway.

Upgrade to a flexible, scalable lighting automation soulution with RAB Lightcloud Blue!