Elevate Your Sensing Control Options

Leviton® Smart Wallbox Sensors

Smart Wallbox Sensors

Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors provide a simple sensing and dimming or switching control solution for energy savings, local control, and code compliance. Packed with features and a variety of configuration options, Smart Wallbox Sensors make it easy to meet the unique lighting control needs of multiple commercial applications with just a few models. Commercial-grade features include partial-ON, partial-OFF, daylighting hold-OFF, and receptacle control.

A simple solution for easy energy savings.

Key Features

Full Control

Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors integrate occupancy/vacancy sensing and 0-10V dimming control (ODD10-IDx and ODD24-IDx), 1000W phase dimming control (ODP10-IDx) or ON/OFF switching (ODS15-IDx)

  • Pushbutton programming for common applications
  • Includes an out-of-the-box default mode for auto-ON/auto-OFF operation with a 20-minute timeout

App Programmable

Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors are app programmable for easy configuration using the Smart Sensor App.

  • Select the operating mode (occupancy/vacancy)
  • Adjust sensor sensitivity and timeouts
  • Enable the integrated photocell for daylighting
  • Activate nightlight feature and select from a variety of nightlight colors
  • Authorize password protect settings

Reliable & User Friendly

Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors feature commercial-grade build quality, meaning that these sensors will last reliably for years to come.

In addition, Smart Wallbox Sensors can be used to comply with IECC, ASHRAE 90.1, and 2019 Title 24, Part 6 occupancy/vacancy sensing and dimming (ODD10/ODD24/ODP10) or manual control (ODS15) requirements.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors fit into a standard wallbox and are gangable with other units, leading to reduced installation and configuration time. 

  • Simply install and use the out-of-the-box default mode for auto-ON/auto-OFF operation with a 10-minute timeout
  • Take advantage of convenient pushbutton configurations for common room settings

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