Power Where It's Needed. Easy To Install. Rated For 10,000 Cycles.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Tri-Power Countertop Receptacle

Power Where It's Needed.

Offer your customers functionality and innovation. The Tri-Power Countertop Receptacle delivers wireless charging, USB charging, and AC power in a spill-proof tower design.

The Ideal Solution For Safe, Convenient Power. Learn more now.

Tested For Durability.

Tri-Power Pop-Up Receptacle Key Features

Ideal Solution for Safe, Convenient Power.

The120V tamper-resistant receptacle offers one USB Type A, one USB Type C, a wireless charging pad, and an AC receptacle, giving your residential and commercial customers power where and when they need it.

Family-tested for Durability

Tested to endure more than 10,000 push-down/pop-up cycles while also being spill resistant means the Tri-Power Countertop Pop-Up is tough enough for busy, energetic families. Watertight interior and self-sealing silicone gaskets are tested to withstand up to 8 cups of spilled liquid.

Installs with Ease.

Simply drop in and tighten for easy, fast installation. Accepts AC90 or NMD90 wire and is suitable for 20A circuit, end of line. Tower design ensures secure fit.

Color Coordinated.

Versatile color choices complement any kitchen, lab, or conference room decor. Choose among 7 flange colors and three replaceable tops.

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