Show M3 the Money

Show M3 the Money: Super Battle Among the Branches

We’re putting your super selling skills to the test with the Show M3 the Money 3M Sales Challenge!

Show M3 the Money Challenge:

The Branch that posts the greatest percentage increase of 3M product sales in each Super District wins the Show Me the Money 3M Sales Challenge.

Challenge Period:

June 1 – July 31, 2022. Start now!

What 3M Products are Included?

All 3M Products are eligible.

What Does Each Super-Duper Branch Get?

We’ll show YOU the money! $1,300.00 for a super-duper experience of your choosing (within reason). Think fun: Fishing expedition, Golf tournament, Baseball tickets; your branch wins—your branch chooses.

Have Questions? 

For Terms and Conditions, contact, Crescent Electric Supply Company 3M Strategic Accounts Specialist.

Prove Your Super Selling Skills and Start the 3M Show M3 the Money Challenge Today!