Strong Past, Powerful Present, Bright Future

The founding of Crescent Electric Supply Company is the straightforward story of a successful electrical contractor who was frustrated by having to wait for essential supplies and materials. 

Titus B. Schmid of Dubuque, Iowa opened his own electrical supply company in 1919. He was tired of relying on slow supply shipments from Minneapolis and St. Louis, so he opened a company that would carry a complete inventory of wire, cable, switches, outlets, and more. The mission, then as now, was to meet the demands of hard-working electrical contractors, and help them get the job done both on schedule and on budget.

In the decade ahead, Crescent would open three additional full-service branches throughout the Midwest. As the company’s growth accelerated, it remained a family business built on dedication to earning and maintaining customer trust. Schmid’s vision, combined with his family’s tireless work ethic and fierce commitment to customer satisfaction, propelled Crescent to rapid success and widespread recognition. In sync with the rapid adoption of electrical power and technology nationwide, Crescent quickly proved that a business dedicated to stocking and distributing electrical supplies was vital to the nation’s emerging electrical infrastructure. 

Today, there are more than 150 Crescent branches in 26 states nationwide. Each one echoes the Crescent commitment to selling top-quality inventory at competitive prices, providing quality delivery services, and offering access to standout project management and industry expertise. It’s made Crescent a Top 10 Electrical Distributor, and the go-to partner for countless companies in almost every industry.

Crescent is built on one man’s vision, a family’s pride, and hundreds of proven partnerships; that all adds up to something customers have known for more than a century, and something our pros dedicate themselves to delivering every day: You can count on Crescent Electric.