What to Know About Electrical Safety Month 2023

May is Electrical Safety Month, a time to brush up on electrical safety best practices and prepare for what the future of electrical safety looks like.  

Each year, Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety, develops a campaign that’s designed to educate various audiences on a specific facet of electrical safety. This year’s theme is Electrification: E-Mobility. 

Let’s take a closer look at this year’s theme and how you can promote electrical safety throughout the month. 

Electrical Safety Month 2023: E-Mobility 

With the rise of emerging electrical technologies — especially electric vehicles (EVs) — this year’s Electrical Safety Month theme is designed to promote ways to safely implement and operate these technologies. 

Core elements of this theme include preparing a home or business for EVs, proper charging guidelines, and information on EV adapters. These tips are designed to not only prevent electrical fires, injuries, or deaths, but they’re also useful in helping homes or businesses understand how tap into efficient energy and reduce energy dependence and waste. 

ESFI provides a multitude of educational resources around these topics including videos, infographics, and more. These resources are designed to be freely shared to help promote a variety of safety topics, such as electric vehicle charging safety.


Why Electrical Safety Month is Important 

Electrical Safety Month is designed to promote electrical safety for all — not just electricians or other electrical occupations. After all, 69% of workplace electrical fatalities involve non-electrical occupations. It’s crucial for everyone to be aware of potential electrical hazards. 

In the case of this year’s theme, it will be especially important for everyone to be prudent about electrical safety as EVs become increasingly common. For vehicle owners, it will be essential to understand how to safely charge, operate, and maintain EVs and EV chargers to avoid potentially serious accidents or injuries. For businesses, it will be equally important to understand how to implement EV chargers properly and safely. 

As the EV market grows, it will also be critical for electrical contractors to understand how to safely work with and install EV chargers. 

Electrical Safety Month at Crescent Electric 

At Crescent Electric, we’re focused on electrical safety all year long. From carrying the electrical safety products you need to stay safe on the job to offering a robust lineup of specialty services such as arc flash audits, we have everything you need to create a safer, more secure workplace. 

On the theme of E-Mobility, Crescent also offers EV chargers and accessories for both residential and commercial applications. 

Learn more about how Crescent can help you increase safety and security, or contact us to learn more today!