How the Right Lighting Can Make Your Customers More Productive


How the Right Lighting Can Make Your Customers More Productive

While contractors choose lighting simply for function, research shows proper lighting greatly improves the energy and mood of the people who work, visit, and live in the space. Better quality lighting increases our focus, alertness, and productivity, and the thoughtful consideration of specific lighting in classrooms, hospital corridors, store aisles, building lobbies and even parking lots, helps customers enhance experience, improve visibility, and increase alertness and focus.

How Lighting Affects Productivity

Our partners at Acuity Brands define Humanistic Lighting as “digital and natural lighting that positively impacts human performance, well-being and experience.” The company is focusing on three specific areas where lighting helps define the experience, all of which work together to increase overall productivity.

  1. Performance Enhancement: Lighting helps improve alertness, focus and response, and it improves visibility in work environments, so work is more accurate and we feel safer.
  2. Wellbeing Promotion: Artificial lighting often affects our alertness, sleep, and immune function.
  3. Experience Enrichment: Lighting can shape the way we see and feel about a space or event. Bright light energizes us while softer diffused light helps us relax and be intimate. Vivid lighting sets energy, tone, and color.

How You Can Help Your Clients Choose Right Lighting


Through a human being’s circadian system, light helps our bodies know when to be active and when to rest. Too often, however, the natural light/dark cycle of a day is being replaced by artificial cycles, and our internal clocks are increasingly working without day and night contrast.

Acuity has developed lighting with programmable dimming capabilities that mitigate these disruptions and, for example, help nurses stay alert throughout the night shift. Further, they’ve created LED lighting technology that controls the spectrum of light emitted to mimic the natural cycle and help provide the right type of light at the right time of day.


For contractors who work in schools and colleges, it’s easy to understand the importance of lighting. Acuity’s tunable white luminaires allow light to be adjusted to optimize specific classroom activities. Combining this technology with daylighting and controls offers an optimal experience that harnesses the use of natural lighting. For example, warm lighting provides a more relaxing environment for individualized tasks, while cooler lighting is best suited for increasing energy levels.

Commercial Offices

In commercial buildings, Acuity’s new integrated energy metering and visualization capabilities--integrated into a smart, networked lighting/HVAC controller--give both you and building managers a visibility into energy use, with consumption data as well as information to help you identify usage trends and savings.

Acuity also offering OLED and other flexible lighting technologies that balance aesthetics with functionality.


On streets and roadways, Acuity’s wireless streetlight monitoring systems help your communities’ system owners and operators remotely monitor, control and measure luminaire performance, helping reduce truck rolls and delays in vital maintenance. Additionally, it’s been found high-mast LED lighting, with their higher light output, is helping drivers stay alert and safer.  

Also, Acuity is applying new techniques and technologies to mitigate glare discomfort. And they’ve designed LED lighting reducing light scattering and “sky glow” due to atmospheric and environmental conditions.


If you work inside today’s automated warehouses, you know light-level loss from traditional lighting can impede barcode scanning, which is essential to efficient picking and retrieval. Acuity’s LED high-bay lighting provides the full, consistent lighting that workers and scanners need to work faster and more accurately.

Indoors, brighter, more uniformly lit spaces with fewer dark spots can help reduce accidents. Outdoors, using a lighting color that closely resembles daylight makes people, vehicle colors and equipment easier to distinguish.


In retail stores, Acuity’s smart, connected LED lighting outfitted with advanced digital visual and Bluetooth communications is enabling ultra-precise indoor positioning and wayfinding to guide shoppers to the products they want and allow retailers to communicate with customers in real time in the aisles. Data from these systems allows store managers to optimize staffing and store layouts to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.

Light the Way to Productivity

No matter which industry you’re in, the right lighting solution can significantly improve productivity. Crescent Electric can provide the lighting solutions you need when you need them. Shop our full line of Acuity products online today, and register an account to track your orders, get exclusive deals, and more!