6 Factors That Make a Good Pair of Pliers

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Millions of pliers are manufactured worldwide every year. Most of them serve their purpose, but when you hold a high-quality pair of pliers in your hand, you will feel it immediately. So what makes a good pair of pliers? 

Let’s take a look at 6 things that distinguish a good pair of pliers. 

6 Factors That Make a Good Pair of Pliers 

1. Easy Running

The first impression that you get when opening and closing a pair of pliers provides a good indication of its quality. With a good pair of pliers, the joint runs smoothly and without play. The handles of the pliers open slightly, but they do not fall apart immediately. 

2. Design of the Effective Points

A good pair of pliers will have precisely shaped and designed gripping surfaces or cutting edges. 

Gripping surfaces should be designed in such a way that workpieces can be gripped safely. Cutting edges should be manufactured with cutting angles, alignment, and surface quality to within a hundredth of a millimeter. 

Together with the right choice of material, this enables a wide variety of materials to be cut precisely and easily. 

3. Longevity

Careful manufacturing in every detail and first-class materials carefully selected for the respective application ensure the outstanding service life of high-quality pliers. 

Cutting edges and gripping surfaces are exposed to particularly high loads. Active points that are induction-hardened to achieve the intended load capacity can lead to a long service life. 

The right balance is crucial here. If the active areas are too soft, they wear out quickly, if they are too hard, they become brittle and break out. The right proportions can only be found by combining engineering knowledge and experience gathered over generations. 

4. Optimized Force Distribution

When it comes to pliers, special attention should be paid to joint construction. The correct position of the fulcrum and the possibility of using large leverage despite the compact design are the hallmarks of a highly effective joint. 

In the case of diagonal cutters with a special design, the required manual force can be reduced to more than half compared to commonly available products – at the same length. 

5. Ergonomic Design

Next to performance, comfort is one of the most important considerations for pliers. 

Finding a pair of pliers with the lowest possible weight and maximum resilience can lead to a significant reduction in fatigue in daily work. Ergonomically designed handles will also help with this; the width of the pliers handles as well as their shape and material should be ideally adapted to the hand's gripping behavior. 

6. Reliable Quality

In order to achieve outstanding and consistent quality, great care and precision in production are essential. Look for pliers that are made not only with high-quality materials (like high-quality steel), but also high-quality manufacturing processes. 

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