Square D

Circuit breaker accessory, PowerPacT J, lug kit, mechanical, terminal, control wire, qty 2

MFR: Schneider Electric
MFR #: S37424
UPC: 785901618294
Item #: 152147
Schneider Electric

Circuit breaker accessory, PowerPacT J, lug kit, mechanical, terminal, control wire, qty 2

MFR #: S37424
UPC: 785901618294
Item #: 152147
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The PowerPact H-, J-, and L-frame circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. H- and J-frame circuit breakers are available with either thermal-magnetic or Micrologic electronic trip units. L-frame circuit breakers are available with Micrologic electronic trip units only. H- and J-frame circuit breakers with thermal-magnetic trip units contain individual thermal (overload) and instantaneous (short circuit) sensing elements in each pole. The amperage ratings of the thermal trip elements are calibrated at 104F (40C) free air ambient temperature. Per the National Electric Code (NEC) and the Canadian Electrical Code, standard circuit breakers may only be applied continuously at up to 80% of their rating. Circuit breakers rated for 100% operation are available but require specially-designed enclosures and 194F (90C) rated wire. Far more than just a circuit breaker, these devices are a measurement and communication tool ready to meet energy-efficiency needs through optimized power requirements, increased energy availability, and improved installation management. This PowerPact multistandard connection kit is a wiring accessory. This device can be mounted by screws on either the top or bottom. This terminal kit is compatable with PowerPact H-Frame, PowerPact J-Frame & PowerPact L-Frame breakers and come in set of 2. Simple, Common catalog numbers, standardized ratings, and a full range of field-installable accessories make product selection, installation and maintenance easier than ever. Common Design Features, Mounting holes, door trim, and handle accessories.

Catalog Number S37424
Manufacturer Schneider Electric
Brand Square D
Warranty Description Contractual Warranty:18 months
Country of Origin United States
Made in USA Yes
Connection TOP OR BOTTOM
Display S37424 Surge protection accessory, Circuit Circuit Breaker, control wire terminal kit, PowerPact J-Frame, qty 2
Mounting By screws
Special Features Set of 2
RoHS URL https://checkaproduct.se.com/DistantRequestDispatcher.aspx?action=export&pid=55988062&lang=en-us
UPC 785901618294
GTIN 00785901618294
Item Type Wiring accessory;Mechanical lug
Trip Type NA