Twist-Lock® Devices
with EdgeConnect™ Technology

The EdgeConnect Advantage

Hubbell’s innovative, patented EdgeConnect devices are the fastest termination devices on the market. Reduce installation time by 80% by making terminations in just 11 seconds.

No Torqueing Needed

No torque screwdriver needed. Strong steel springs continuously apply pressure to wires, even improving performance over time.

Just Insert & Press

Simply insert the wire and press the plunger, securing the wire for a consistent, reliable connection. The plungers are color-coded to each wire, eliminating confusion, and speeding up installation.

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Key Benefits


80% faster terminations


Terminations are 25-60% stronger when subjected to vibration


Built to withstand the industry’s harshest environments


The only screwless termination in an industrial NEMA wiring device

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