Reliable and controllable electrical connections from BURNDY®

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Fully Inspectable Installation

BURNDY compression connectors are designed for reliable and controllable electrical connections. The complete installation is fully inspectable.

Reliable Electrical Performance

Copper compression connectors are manufactured from high-conductivity electrolytic copper. They are tin-plated, lead-plated, or plated with proprietary BURNDY Brite finish for durable, long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Best-in-Class Materials

Aluminum compression connectors are manufactured from high-conductivity, high-purity wrought aluminum. They are designed with sufficient mass and are electro-tin plated to minimize corrosion due to galvanic action.

Don't forget BURNDY Lugs!

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Key Benefits of BURNDY Lugs

Identification Marks

For convenience and ease of use, BURNDY wire, connector, and die ALL match. Each connector is clearly marked with wire size and type, die index, and color coding.

UL Listed Connection

UL Listed 90° C, 600 Volts to 35 kV.

Copper Connectors

Copper connectors are manufactured from seamless high conductivity electrolytic copper tubing with heavy duty wall thickness.

Aluminum Connectors

Aluminum connectors are manufactured from high conductivity, high purity wrought aluminum and pre-filled with Penetrox™.

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