Metal Fittings

Full line of specification grade fittings for metal conduit, armored cable, rubber cord and liquid tight conduit.

Marketing Materials

Allied Fittings Catalog

Since 1959, Atkore has been reshaping the pipe and tube industry and is a leading brand for EMT, IMC and Rigid conduits made of steel, PVC, and Aluminum.

Innovative Fittings Brochure

Allied Fittings™ provides more than 1400 connectors to reliably and securely connect your raceway.

Online Product Training

Metal Fittings Training Module

In this brief training you are going to learn about Atkore's extensive line, innovation and how they can assist you and your customer.

Metal Fittings Solutions that Drive Growth Webinar

Learn about Atkore’s solution to connect all of your electrical raceway systems.

Product Video Demonstrations

Allied Super Fittings

Allied offers a full line of fittings for IMC, EMT, and PVC conduit. The Universal Super Fitting is both raintight for wet locations.

Allied Screw on Liquidtight Fittings

The Allied Screw-on design eliminates this process and the entire connector is used to screw the ferrule into the conduit without having to remove the ferrule.

Allied Universal Fittings Side by Side Speed Test

The Universal Super Fitting connects quicker than standard couplings and 3-piece couplings.

Allied Universal Super Fittings Raintight

Connects to threaded or unthreaded product, saving labor and space on the job site!

Digital Resources

Atkore BIM Toolbar for Revit®

This free Revit® Plugin, to save time and help contractors, designers, engineers, and detailers design their projects more efficiently.

Fittings Cross-Reference Tool

You can use this tool to find our functionally equivalent parts based on another manufacturer's part number.

7-Types of Fittings

Die Cast Fittings

One of the most versatile die cast metals. It provides higher precision with lower tooling costs when compared to other die cast metals like aluminum or magnesium.

EMT Fittings

EMT connectors are used to secure EMT conduit to electrical metallic box to permit wire pulling or termination.

Rigid Fittings

Rigid Fittings, are used with heavy wall conduit such as GRC and ARC but can also be used with IMC. They serve to connect, couple, bond, as well as transition.

Liquidtight Fittings

Liquidtight Fittings are certified for both wet and dry locations, including buried in concrete.

Flex, AC & MC Fittings

Single unit construction eliminates loose component parts, integral green plastic insulated throat bushing provides maximum protection for wire installation.

Cord Grip Fittings

To secure and seal cords or cables entering enclosures or raceways.

Conduit Bodies, Covers & Gaskets

Allows the installer to change the direction of the conduit typically at 90 degrees. Conduit bodies allow access for wire pulling and maintenance and repair after installation.