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Ensure Your Smoke Detector Is Up to Code

On January 1st, 2023, Illinois joins an ever-growing number of states, including WI, IA, VT, VA, GA, and FL, in requiring homes and businesses to replace their smoke detectors with 10-year, sealed battery alarms. Is your smoke alarm up to code? Prepare yourself with a 10-year battery smoke detector from Kidde or BRK.

Compliant With New Legislation

These alarms fully comply with new and upcoming smoke detector legislation mandating 10-year, sealed battery alarms.

Protection You Can Count On

Whether hardwired with a sealed battery backup or battery powered with a sealed 10-year lithium battery, these smoke alarms provide maximum protection even when the power goes out.

Low Maintenance Peace of Mind

10-year, sealed battery smoke detectors feature batteries that can’t be tampered with or removed, ensuring homeowners and residents are always protected.

Save Time and Money

10-year alarms save individuals more than $50 over the life cycle of an alarm and are even more cost-effective in managed properties or rental units where alarm maintenance and replacement are costly and time-consuming.