Streamline Your Wire Reel Installations


SIMpull® CoilPAK™ Wire Payoff and SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum

Simplify. Streamline. SIMpull.

The Southwire SIMpull® CoilPAK™ Mini Wire Payoff and SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum is the ultimate solution for electricians on the go. Designed to streamline your workflow, the CoilPAK™ Mini Wire Payoff saves space and effort with its compact design, while the BARREL™ Cable Drum simplifies branch circuit installations with up to 7 paralleled conductors per BARREL. 

Less Effort, More Pull

Pull the weight of the wire without unnecessary physical effort, reducing the potential for workplace injuries.  

Boost Productivity

With a patented parallel design feature, the SIMpull system reduces the handling and setting up multiple spools and packages.

Compact Design

Eliminate tangled wires and tedious setup with space-saving packaging, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

Invest in a Winning Wire Combo