Motor Starters for Every Application

Schneider Electric
 TeSys Deca Contactors

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Robust and Reliable Motor Solution 

The TeSys Deca series motor starters set the pace for enhanced machine efficiency. Engineered for versatility, they cater to diverse applications, including water and wastewater, power, mining, and other manufacturing projects. With a modern design, they are controlled through AC, DC, or low-consumption DC circuits. Flexible mounting options, including EverLink terminal blocks, give seamless operation even in the most demanding environments.

Easy Product Selection

Each ordering number includes the motor rating, streamlining the selection process. This simplification not only saves time but also ensures that you choose the right starter for your application, enhancing efficiency from the outset. 

Ground-up Durable Design

Crafted with 65% recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact, these modern machines are designed to meet the requirements of Electro domestic and HVAC applications. They boast IEC60335-1 compliance, improved fire resistance, and dustproof auxiliaries, ensuring safety and durability. 

Easy Installation
in Commercial Applications

With multi-standard screws, it makes installation quick and easy across commercial settings. Additionally, each product is equipped with a QR code, enabling convenient access to product data and information directly onsite. 

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