Reliable and Energy-efficient Tube Lighting

SATCO | NUVO T8 Lamps with Battery Backup

Elevate Your Commercial Lighting

Easy-to-install fluorescent tube light is dependable, providing up to 90 minutes of illumination during power outages. With integrated aluminum heatsink, a battery on/off switch, and ColorQuick technology, these lights offer customization during installation and are ideal for a variety of applications, including hospitals, offices, and workshops.

Available in 15W and 17W options

Both of these new models are designed to replace SATCO|NUVO’s most popular T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps, delivering a range of lumens and CCT selectable options.


90-Minute Illumination During Power Outages

Battery backup capabilities offer uninterrupted lighting for up to 90 minutes during power outages, enhancing security, reliability, and convenience.

Integrated Aluminum Heatsink

Promotes heat dissipation to help prevent overheating, boost energy efficiencies, and extend the lifespan of the bulbs.

Experience Uninterrupted Lighting During Power Outages