Unmatched GFCI Safety for Extreme Environments

Molex Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

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Superior Sealing for Extreme Conditions

Engineered with IP69K-rated protection for unparalleled reliability in extreme conditions, Molex’s Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Industrial-Duty Products ensure safety in various industries. These GFCIs offer automatic or manual reset options, meeting the highest standards and providing the protection your business is looking for. Built for toughness and versatility, they are ideal for use in environments ranging from food and beverage plants to construction sites. 

Withstand Harsh Environments

GFCI products are designed for harsh environments, with features such as a chemical UV-resistance coating, LED indicators, and an electronically enhanced filter. They also come with a weatherproof NEMA 4X rating.

Watertight Design

Woodhead watertight design protects against extreme wet conditions in the harshest manufacturing facilities. Superior sealing properties increase workplace safety by keeping out contaminants and vapor and preventing water ingress during wash-down applications. 

Flexible Plug Options

Offering plug-connector, flying-lead, and receptacle-box-style products, Molex's GFCI solutions provide flexibility and convenience for various applications, ensuring seamless integration into different systems and setups. 

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