Energy-Efficient Canopy Light Fixtures

Lithonia Lighting® CNY LED ALO Canopy Luminaire

Upgrade Your Commercial Outdoor Lighting

A versatile and energy-efficient solution tailored for surface-mount applications. Easily adjust color temperature, lumen output photocell settings, and even activate the integrated motion sensor.

Adjustable Lumen Output

Experience unparalleled flexibility, improved optics, and energy efficiency with three power levels delivering 5,000 - 10,000 lumens.

Switchable Color Temperature

Switchable CCT (30K/40K/50K) offers warm, cool, and daylight in a single fixture allowing for customization in every application.

Photocell and Occupancy Sensor

Light levels adjust automatically based on motion and dusk-dawn sensors, optimizing energy usage and enhancing safety.

Illuminate Your Space With the CNY LED Canopy Luminaire