Elevate Your Safety with Insulated Tools

KNIPEX Insulated Tools

Reduce the Risk of Electric Shocks

Designed in Germany, KNIPEX insulated tools are meticulously crafted for durability and safety. With features like immersion insulation and VDE multi-component sleeves, they guarantee optimal performance for any job. Every tool undergoes stringent testing, meeting standards such as DIN EN IEC 60900, and is approved for tasks up to 1000V AC.

Extreme Temperature Tested

Insulation undergoes rigorous testing under extreme temperatures and stress conditions to ensure maximum durability and safety.

Active Wire Protection

1,000V insulated tools ensure safe and effective handling of live wires in various electrical applications.

Dielectric Assurance

Each KNIPEX insulated tool undergoes a rigorous 10,000VAC dielectric strength test, ensuring superior safety and reliability for electrical work.

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