Superior Personnel Protection

Leviton® Self-Test Portable GFCI Devices

Sleek, rugged, and fully OSHA Compliant

Portable GFCI Devices

Leviton's Portable GFCI devices provide a sleek, rugged, and fully OSHA-compliant, solution for job sites, temporary power applications and hard-to-reach areas. This product satisfies UL 943 Certification Requirements. Cord sets are available in a great variety of configurations and cord lengths to suit almost any application and need whether wet or dry, indoor or out. Custom cord lengths and configurations are available as special orders.

Industrial-Grade Components

Leviton's Portable GFCI Devices come equipped with industrial-grade plugs and connectors. Providing a long service life in heavy-duty applications where longevity and reliability is key to ensuring safety. 

Superior Protection

Leviton's Rainproof cord sets provide superior protection across a range of indoor and outdoor applications. Leviton's fully OSHA compliant, and UL 943 GFCI devices help to improve safety on and off the jobsite. 

Choose Leviton Portable GFCI devices for your next project!