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Encore Wire ® Mega Coil™

Mega Pulls, Less Cleanup

Streamline Pre-Fabrication and Maximize Productivity

Enhance your pre-fabrication operations with the Mega Coil™. Experience the benefits of less packaging, more footage, and effortless pulling. Reduce the hassles of traditional coils and experience a portable, eco-friendly solution to streamlining processes and reducing scraps.

More Footage, Smaller Footprint

Packaging provides up to 9,000 ft of cable and 2.5x more footage per pallet position. 

No Extra Tools Required

Serves as an instant payoff system allowing you to prep the job quicker and safer.

Experience Effortless Pulling

Efficiently pull cables 360 degrees directly off the pallet without hassle.

Upgrade Your Pre-Fabrication Operations with the Mega Coil™