Energy-Efficient HID Lamps Redefined

Current LED HID Lamps

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Make the Switch to LED for Brighter, Longer-lasting Lighting Solutions

With its unique 400W design in an ED18 shape, Current's innovative LED replacement for HID lamps sets an industry standard. These lamps are engineered for efficiency and longevity, bypassing the ballast to reduce energy consumption and overall maintenance costs. Complying with RoHS material restriction requirements, they boast energy efficiency and contain no lead or mercury. 

Energy Efficient

Current's LED replacement for HID lamps significantly reduces energy consumption by bypassing the ballast. This innovative approach not only saves on operating costs but also promotes environmental sustainability. 

Extended Lifespan

With a 50,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year limited warranty, maintenance needs and associated costs are minimized, making it an ideal, hassle-free lighting solution for businesses and organizations. 

Versatile Compatibility

Designed to match ANSI standard shapes and suitable for various applications, Current's LED replacements ensure effortless retrofitting and broaden their utility across a range of indoor and outdoor settings. 

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