Efficiently Manage Automation Control Equipment

Schneider Electric™ Industrial UPS - 24V DC DIN Rail

UPS for Industrial Automation and Controls

The Comprehensive Solution for your Control Cabinet

Schneider Electric Industrial UPS enables machine builders and system integrators to efficiently manage their automation controls equipment in case of a power event. The new 24V DC din rail mounted Schneider Electric Industrial UPS offers reliable surge protection and battery backup during any power events. Equipped with DC input/output terminals to support PLCs and HMIs while offering extended battery pack support of up to 4 additional batteries for extended runtime during power outages.

Reduced Downtime

Schneider Electric's Industrial UPS - 24V DC DIN Rail minimizes your downtime by providing protection for your equipment against lightning, surges, and spikes. In the event of an emergency, it immediately removes power to all connected equipment using Emergency Power Off (EPO).

Reduce Machine Maintenance

The Industrial UPS - 24V DC DIN Rail helps reduce machine maintenance by allowing for safe equipment shutdown during a power event and eliminating the need to reset automation machines.

Gain Control

Gain better control over your industrial infrastructure with remote monitoring and management via relay contacts, external battery pack support, and LED indicators. LED Indicator will change from green to red to provide a visual indicator in case of an event. 

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