Picoma® SpeedCouple Elbow

Elbows Without The Elbow Grease

Fast, Easy Installation in Tight Places

For decades, contractors have had to rely on cumbersome three-piece couplings when installing elbows in tight spaces. Now with SpeedCouple, the process takes half the time. Just turn the coupling, not the elbow, and the lead-in threads do most of the work. Contractors can boost productivity and cut material costs by up to 50% compared to three-piece couplings. SpeedCouple is available on both standard- and special-radius rigid elbows.

Built to Last

Picoma's top-notch build quality and reliability ensure that SpeedCouple will stay concrete-tight for years to come, meaning that you can purchase with confidence!

Installs in Tight Spaces

Installing coupling elbows in tight spaces is easy with SpeedCouple! Just turn the coupling, not the elbow, and let the lead-in threads do the work! You'll finish the job quicker and without fatigue. 

Find The Right Fit

Picoma SpeedCouple Elbows are available in standard and special radius sizing and trade sizes 2-5, meaning that you can find the fit for your project. All SpeedCouple elbows are listed as concrete tight. 

Choose Picoma's SpeedCouple Pre-Installed Elbow Coupling

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