Combining Tradition with Ease

Juno® Quick Connect Housing – QC Series

4”, 5”, & 6” New Construction & Remodel Housings

Quick Connect Housing

The Juno® Quick Connect housing is your lowest cost of entry for an LED downlight solution using legacy style housings that pair with LED retrofit trims for new construction and remodel applications. By utilizing the orange quick connect plug, provided as standard for electrical attachment of the LED retrofit trim to the housing, installation becomes easier than ever before. Its compact design allows for quick, easy handling while installing and allows the housing to fit into shallow ceiling areas where plenum space is limited. Available in 4", 5" & 6" sizes

Quick Connect Plug

Designed with your time in mind, the Juno Quick Connect housing features a Quick Connect Plug. The Quick Connect Plug allows for quick, easy installation of electrical housing to the LED trim module. 

Versatile Applications

Designed for use in new construction, remodeling, and retrofitting applications, the Juno Quick Connect Housing is the perfect solution for your next project. Available with a wide selection of trim options for accent lighting. 

Real Nail 3® Bar Hangers

The Juno Quick Connect Housing provides a contoured foot for easy alignment to the bottom of the joist. Plus, the bugle-headed nail design allows for easy removal during housing relocation.

Choose the Juno Quick Connect Housing for your next project!