Installing downlights has never been faster.

Cooper Lighting Solutions HALO® QuickLink Low Voltage System

HALO's fastest installation method available for downlights

Powering lights with a twist

QuickLink delivers the fastest downlighting installation HALO has to offer. Installers can power up to 9 QuickLink lights on the single remote power supply, making it easy and efficient to install energy-saving smart lighting. Each fixture attaches to the low-voltage cable in seconds with QuickLink Twist Connectors. Start with a QuickLink Kit which includes the remote power supply, 35 feet of Low-V cable, and 4 canless downlights. Then mix and match individual fixtures to complete the project.

Start with a Kit

QuickLink Kits include the 70W remote power supply, 35-feet of low voltage cable, and 4 canless MicroEdge HLB downlights. Individual accessory QuickLink fixtures are available if you need more downlights for your install.

Watch How It Works

Watch how easy it is to install HALO QuickLink Kits. Each kit includes the 70W remote power supply, low voltage cable, and canless downlights.

SeleCCTable™ Technology

The SeleCCTable™ technology puts flexibility at your fingertips. By using the switch located on the driver junction box, the user can choose from a range color temperatures: 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K

Choose HALO QuickLink for your next project!