Level 2 Charging For All Applications

SemaConnect Level 2 EV Chargers

Series 4

Designed for EV drivers who want to safely charge in their home, Series 4 Level 2 Charger offers superior power delivery with flexible amp settings up to 50A.

Series 6

Built for parking lot or garage EV charging, Series 6 Charger is available in wall-mounted or single or double pedestal-style options. Rugged enclosure combats weather damage while built-in metering lets your client measures electricity costs and get alerts and reports.  

Series 7 / Series 7 Plus

Bring smart charging technology to fleet operations. Series 7 charges electric cars; Series 7 Plus charges buses and light/medium-duty trucks. NEMA 3R rated. Offers built-in alerts and provides detailed reports on electricity delivered to each vehicle, charging times, and more analytics.

Series 8

Built-in credit card reader and large display for rates and instructions make Series 8 ideal for retail locations. Your clients have the option to charge by kWh or time duration and offer private/public group rates. Supports two parking spots. Built-in alerts and real-time analytics.

There’s a SemaConnect EV Charger built specially for your client’s application

SemaConnect EV Charger Key Features

Next-Generation Technology

Smart EV chargers are wirelessly networked, allowing your customers to easily track and manage electricity use and enable access control. Set up private and public groups and sharing, set rates based on duration, peak power, or kWh. Manage the maximum power available to a group of chargers, even adapting the available electricity so charging doesn’t overload electrical systems.

Compact, Elegant Design

Whether you’re installing in your client’s home, parking garage, or hospital parking lot, SemaConnect’s compact footprint and small size doesn’t take up a lot of space in tight spaces. Its elegant design offers a modern, attractive aesthetic.

Rugged Enclosure

Built with sturdy commercial-grade aluminum, SemaConnect's EV Charger enclosure is rugged enough to help protect the smart components inside from wayward door dings and bumps. The rugged exterior also guards against the strong summer sun and freezing winter temperatures.

Versatile Mounting Options

Multiple mounting options make it easy to install SemaConnect EV Chargers in a variety of applications. In tight urban parking garages, choose space-saving wall-mounted chargers. Retail parking lots and commercial locations offer space for single or dual pedestal mounts.

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