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Lutron Sunnata Touch Dimmers & Switches

Next-Generation Design.
Next-Generation Technology.

Lutron Sunnata LED+ Controls

Sunnata LED+ allows users to touch or swipe to easily adjust lights. A soft glow helps find the dimmer in the dark. With the accessory switch, tap once to turn on for pre-set; tap twice for full brightness. Works in three-and four-way and can brighten or dim up to nine locations.

Lutron Sunnata PRO LED+ Dimmer

Includes all the features of the LED+, and is phase selectable for superior dimming of ELV, MLV, LED, Incandescent, and Halogen lights. The PRO LED+ Dimmer offers easy wiring with screw terminals, is neutral required, and can track LEDs and touch bar in up to 4 additional locations

Lutron Sunnata Switch

For non-dim applications including lighting and small motor loads. Companion switches provide matching look up to four additional locations and is neutral required.

New Sunnata LED Dimmers with Multi-location Dimming.

Sunnata Key Features

Next-Generation Design

Set the lights with a simple touch or swipe. For a modern aesthetic, lights gradually fade on and off Touch or swipe the light bar to set lights.

Next-Generation Technology

RTISS™ technology on Sunnata LED+ Dimmer helps reduce flickering lights while MyLevel personalization lets customers customize their Sunnata products

Works On All Bulb Types

LED+ Advanced Technology provides superior dimming for dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs, giving your customers a wider selection of lighting choices.

Easy To Install

Ideal for both renovations and new construction, Sunnata touch dimmers work with existing wiring, and doesn’t require a neutral.

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