Lighting, Your Way

Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Series

Get the smart home lighting experience you want with Decora Smart Wi-Fi from Leviton.
Start however you choose—from automating your porch light to powering your entire home—and expand the system at any time.

Decora Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers

Experience best-in-class dimming options fit for any home. Standard, voice-controlled, and motion-activated options available.

Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switches

Choose the right switch for your needs: from the intuitive rocker switch to the customizable scene controller switch featuring engraved button options.

Decora Smart Wi-Fi Fan Speed Controller

Seamlessly integrate fan control into your smart lighting system—complete with auto-shutoff timer settings, speed presets, and more.

Decora Smart Wi-Fi Outlets

Power your smart home with tamper-resistant outlets. Outlets can accommodate a wide range of plug loads and feature an always-on bottom outlet design.

Decora Smart Wi-Fi Series Features

Highly Customizable Lighting

The wide range of Decora Smart Wi-Fi lighting options makes it easy to personalize your lighting experience—from full-range dimming, motion-controlled lighting, custom lighting scenes, and more.

Connectivity Options

Decora Smart Wi-Fi lighting is compatible with a wide range of smart home options. Control the system with your voice assistant of choice and connect to your smart home system for a seamless experience.

Access with the My Leviton App

Use the My Leviton app to easily control your devices, set schedules, change lighting scenes, and more—even when you’re not home.

Extra Control with Companions

Use dimmer or switch companions in 3-way or multi-location applications to get additional light control wherever you need it.

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