Affordable and Adjustable T8 LED Lamps

Satco CCT Selectable T8 LED Lamps

CCT Selectable LEDs

Offer your customers the affordability and flexibility of Satco CCT Selectable T8 LED lamps when replacing traditional lamps. CCT Selectable LED lamps offer three different settings with a click of a simple switch, making these LEDs a comprehensive lighting solution for all your commercial needs.

Key Features

Affordable and Flexible

Replace traditional T8 or T12 lamps with longer LED lifecycle--up to 50,000 average hours of illumination. Ballast bypass LED all-glass tubes do not require ballasts to operate. 

Highly Adjustable CCT

Whether your customers need cool white (4000K), natural light (5000K), or daylight (6500K), it’s easy to adjust the temperature directly on lamp. Three settings in one SKU reduces inventory complexity.

Learn how Satco’s CCT Selectable LEDs can offer a comprehensive lighting solution for your commercial customers.