Simple & Quick De-Energizing

Molex® ArcArrect Connector System

The simplest way to de-energize industrial equipment.

Woodhead ArcArrest Connector System

Incorporating many options and components into a smooth, contoured design, the Woodhead ArcArrest 30.0 and 60.0A Switch-Rated Connector System delivers the simplest and fastest way to de-energize industrial machines and equipment while under load and perform lockout/tagout operations.

Key Features

Type 4X and IP69k rated

Molex Woodhead ArcArrests eliminates ingress of dust and water in a variety of harsh industrial environments. Offering automatic sealing when connected and achieving sealing while disengaged with closed receptacle lid and plug cap.

Simplify Ordering

Inclusion of options such as Max-Loc cord-grip technology, finger drawplates, lock-out holes and plug caps in a smooth, contoured design reduces user costs and simplifies ordering while delivering enhanced durability for use in the toughest industrial application.

Proven Durability

All critical components are manufactured from engineered thermoplastics which delivers unmatched strength and complete UL material compliance while eliminating nylon components prone to moisture absorption and dimensional instability.

Arc Flash Protection

The Woodhead ArcArrest receptacle protects workers from arcing energy by maintaining a connection with the plug during connection or disconnection.

Visually de-energize your equipment today.