Wall Driller Plus®

The Walldriller Plus is designed to offer superior holding power in drywall material. Its fine centered point helps guide the anchor into the wall with flawless precision. A sharp profile thread cuts deeply into the hole without damaging the drywall, ensuring superior holding power and stability. The sharp cutting edge reduces the force required to cut the material, making it a self-drilling anchor without predrilling. Available sizes: #6, #8, #10 and #12.

Wall Twister®

The Wall Twister® is an all steel, single piece screw anchor manufactured with a unique deep cutting thread design, its suitable for fastening objects into drywall, wood, concrete, plaster, brick, and block walls. The patented reverse serrations under the head prevent over-torquing. When working with masonry-based materials, use the 3/16" carbide tipped drill bit included in the kit to create a pilot hole. When fastening into drywall or wood, no pre-drilling is required. Typical applications include HVAC fixtures, signs, telecommunications equipment, plumbing fixtures, and many more.

Key Benefits

No More Pre-Drilling

Don't waste any more time pre-drilling holes on the job site. LH Dottie's Wall Driller and Wall Twister eliminate the need to pre-drill holes in wood and drywall applications. All you need is a driver to get the job done. 

Multiple Drive Types

Wall Twister is available in a variety of head & drive types to reduce the need to lug around multiple tools. Pan head Phillips, hex head, wafer head, and pan head square options are available. Wall Driller Plus Kits include the head you will need to complete install.