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Leviton Inform™ Technology

What is Inform™ Technology?

Inform™ is a technology platform that enables Leviton products to provide real-time data to the end-user. This data is used to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity and make Leviton's products more functional and informative in industrial and commercial applications. Feature set varies by product and can include on-device local monitoring and remote monitoring. Remote monitoring data is sent to the Inform app via Wi-Fi.

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Real-time product data from critical components.

Leviton Inform Key Features

Get In Front

Get in front of potential issues with Leviton Inform technology. This innovative smart technology sends a notification directly to your phone when disturbances are detected.

Information At Your Fingertips

Whether on-site or off-site, track performance via the mobile app without ever having to open your device. Now more efficient, productive, and safer than ever before!

Improve Safety & Response Time

Inform Technology allows you to minimize unplanned downtime in your facility by alerting you of potential problems in real-time, meaning that you can troubleshoot and fix issues faster. 

Visual Load Monitoring

In addition to viewing the current power load in the app, Leviton products with Inform Technology feature LED indicators for load monitoring in real-time. 

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