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Legrand adorne Wave® Switch

adorne Wave® Switch

The adorne Wave Switch allows you to control your lighting with a simple wave of a hand. A germ-free modernized solution that can easily fit into your existing electrical box.

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Innovation In Practice.

adorne Wave Switch Key Features

Hands-Free Control

Don't have a spare hand? Simply wave your have or arm in front of the adorne Wave Switch to adjust the lights in the room. This innovative design is built with convenience in mind. 

Reduce Germ Transfer

The touchless design of the adorne Wave Switch is ideal for today's world. Reducing shared touchpoints around your building or living space will reduce germ spread and make your space safer. 

Easy To Locate

Easily located in a dark room, this innovative touchless control has an indicator light built-into the face so that you can easily locate your switch, even in the dark. 

Versatile and Convenient

The adorne Wave Switch is designed to be versatile. Available in a range of colors and configurations, you will be able to find a switch that is perfect for your needs. 

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