Quickly Detect and Locate Threats

InVid Acoustic Threat Detection

When a gunshot or explosively loud noise is detected, Acoustic Threat Detection quickly identifies the location by providing camera views on the situation. This cutting-edge technology helps your security team expand their coverage, providing added peace of mind to your community.

Acoustic Threat Detection Anytime, Anyplace

Smarter Security

When an extremely loud noise—like a gunshot or explosion--is detected, individual sensors automatically focus on the area, pinpointing the spot so your security team can quickly assess the situation.

Cutting-edge Technology with Fast Response

Utilizing the same technology used to protect service members in combat, ADT quickly detects and informs your security team, so they are not forced to blindly respond to potentially threatening situations.

Real-Time Alerts

Rapid warnings with real-time data on your control system provide vital information, alerting your security team of your customers’ teams are not forced to blindly respond to potential threatening situations.

Multipurpose Applications

Affordable and versatile, there’s an ATD solution for all types of applications, both public and private, in outdoor areas and indoor establishments.