Ditch The Screwdriver And Torque Wrench

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Twist-Lock Edge®

Installs in less than 15 seconds!

Twist-Lock Edge Series Screwless Terminating Receptacles, Plugs and Flanged Inlets

Improve installation time by more than 80% on electrical projects with Twist-Lock® Edge series receptacle, plugs and flanged inlets, featuring screwless terminations. Strong levered springs inside the device continue to apply pressure as strands relax over time for a reliable connection. Their design keeps wires tight, improving connections in the most demanding environments.

Twist-Lock Edge Key Features

Lasting Security

You will never have to worry about re-tightening screws again! The Twist-Lock Edge secures wires for the long-term and if needed, removable is just as simple.

Save Time

Install wire receptacles faster and easier than ever before! The unique spring lock design allows you to easily secure wiring into the device without the use of equipment or wrist strain.

Ditch The Torque Driver

With the Twist-Lock Edge, NEC guidelines requiring the use of a torque driver are no longer required. Spring receptacles can be easily installed by hand, taking less time than traditional screw receptacles.

No More Exposed Metal

The Twist-Lock Edge features no exposed metal on the receptacles, allowing more devices to be installed closer together.