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Encore Wire® Reel Payoff®

The Industry's First Self-Spinning Wooden Reel

The Encore Wire Reel Payoff offers a sleek wooden design that weighs less than competitive offerings, substantially increasing safety while providing better control and the ability to pull more wire in one single day.

Key Features


No jack-stand needed! The Reel Payoff allows you to pull directly from the pallet. When off the pallet, the Reel Payoff rotates within its own axis for 360-degree maneuverability, making it perfect for small spaces.


Whether your job calls for single conductors or parallels, Encore Wire will customize your Reel Payoff using their custom colors to fit any job you come across.


Pull straight from the pallet with no tools! Position our exclusive 4-way pallet in your desired location and get ready to pull!


Providing better control than most reels and the ability to pull more wire in one single day, the Reel Payoff requires fewer workers to get the job done.

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