Toggle Between Downlight and Night Light

Cooper Lighting HALO® RL Night Light Direct Mount

HALO RL Night Light Direct Mount

This canless light does something dimmers can’t—offer both a bright downlight or soft glow to illuminate your customers’ kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and more. Compact, simple to install with five color selectable temperatures and one nightlight CCT.

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HALO's flexibility is perfect for multiple lighting applications.

HALO RL Direct Mount Key Features

Switchable Lumens

Five available color temperatures let you select warm 2700K or cool 5000K settings with a flip of the switch during insulation.

Built-in Night Light

When toggled, the acrylic trim softly glows at 2000K CCT, providing gentle nighttime illumination.

Easy To Install

No additional recessed housing is required, making this direct-mount design easier to install even in very narrow plenum areas.

Versatile For Wet Locations

Not only is the HALO Direct Mount light ideal for kitchens and hallways, but the canless direct-mount light may also be used in showers, bathrooms, and other wet locations.

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