Industry Leading Performance & Value

Atkore™ ETL-Verified PVC Conduit

Affordable protection for harsh environments.

ETL-Verified PVC Coated Conduit

What sets Atkore's PVC Coated conduit apart from others? These ETL-verified conduits are designed to last 10 times longer than non-ETL conduits with industry-leading performance. Built for harsh environments, PVC Coated Conduit is tested in heated and cooled water immersion, to ensure long-lasting adhesive bonds and performance. 

Key Features


Atkore's PVC Coated Conduit is ETL-Verified, meaning that you can rely on the durability and safety offered.

What is the ETL Performance Test?

  • Hot Water Immersion
  • Water Resistance
  • Heat & Humidity
  • Controlled Condensation
  • Effects on Adhesive Bonds

Lasts a minimum of 10x longer than non-ETL verified PVC Coated Conduit.

Corrosion Resistant

Atkore's PVC Coated conduit is evenly coated with zinc and a special bonding agent to prevent corrosion, defects, blistering and more.

Made in the USA

Atkore's PVC Coated conduit is made in the USA, meaning it will offer the durability and build quality that you have come to expect. 

Reduce downtime, increase safety and improve performance.