Flatter, Smoother Easier To Install

Atkore MC Glide™ Product Family

Faster, Easier, Smoother, Quieter Cable Pulls

Get MC Glide and glide through your next job!

The MC Glide Product Family offers new, completely redesigned cables that make pulling cable a breeze. They slide through metal studs and ceilings easily for faster, smoother pulls. Reduce time spent on a job. Reduce labor costs. Reduce the stress on your back.

MC Glide Product Family now includes MC Glide Tuff™ steel armored cable or MC Glide Lite™ aluminum armored cable, MC Glide Luminary Tuff™ steel armored cable, MC Glide Luminary Lite™ aluminum armored cable and MC Glide FireAlarm™ Control Cable. .

MC Glide Lite™

MC Glide Tuff™

MC Glide Luminary Tuff™

MC Glide Fire Alarm™ (FPLP)

MC Glide Fire Alarm™ (MC/FPLP)