Nominate for the Excellence Awards June 15th through July 1st!

The Crescent Electric Excellence Awards

About The Excellence Awards

The Crescent Electric Excellence Awards are intended to recognize employees across the entire Crescent Electric Enterprise. All employees across ALL subsidiaries and ALL locations are eligible to win this prestigious recognition. The Crescent Electric Excellence Awards program is designed to recognize the “best of the best” employees, those that go above and beyond in support of our customers, suppliers, fellow employees, and communities.  Nominations are to be submitted by colleagues; you can nominate your peers, your supervisors and your subordinates, from your location or other locations whenever you see an employee stepping up in the name of our corporate values and in support of customers – externally and internally. You can nominate as many people as you feel are worthy. A committee will review ALL nominations and select Excellence Award winners on an annual basis for special recognition and reward. This is in addition to the Pinnacle Awards.  

Any questions about the nominating or selection process can be sent to 

How To Make a Nomination

To make a nomination, click the button below to fill out the nomination form. Answer each question and click submit. That's it! 

Award Descriptions


Core Values are Integrity and Accountability

Accountability is critical in our Crescent Culture.  It’s core of our commitment to each other and to our customers.  It’s the “do what you say” and “say what you do”.  This award is intended to recognize our team members that drive to meet or exceed their goals individually and as part of a team, every day. 



Core Values demonstrated are Continuous Improvement AND Innovation    

Innovation and Continuous Improvement are critical to insuring a culture of ongoing growth and better service to our customers (internal and external).  Our ability to drive for “doing things better, smarter, faster” to ultimately resolve customer needs ensures Crescent will continue to thrive. This award is intended to recognize team members that push us to new heights of excellence through innovative solutions, efficiency and cost savings. 



Core Value demonstrated is Customer  

Crescent Electric has built a foundation of success on customer service excellence.  Our commitment to putting our customer first for over a century has not only solidified our viability and sustainability as a company but has enabled us to be a part of powering our nation.   This award is intended to recognize our team members that go above and beyond to service Crescent Electrics Customers (internal or External), and their customers, every day.  



Core Values demonstrated are Fairness & Respect AND Teamwork & Safety   

As Team Crescent works towards its vision of the future, our ability to remove variability from our processes, unite our technology, work together across functions and brands, and leverage our scale will enable us to give our customers a more consistent experience, no matter what Crescent family Brand they interact with. This award recognizes our team members who drive this vision and demonstrate these results.  



Core Values Demonstrated are Professional Courage and Teamwork 

This is the employee/coach/ mentor in the workplace who goes the extra mile to help others grow personally and professionally. The ability for our employees to continue their learning journey at Crescent is imperative. This award is intended to recognize employees who have embraced a coach or mentor role to support learning, development and growth at Crescent.  

Program Definitions, Process and Rules

Nominator: Is the Crescent enterprise employee in good standing, who submits the nomination. They must be an active employee and can submit as many nominations as they would like during the nomination period.   

Nominee:  Is an active full or part-time Crescent enterprise employee.  

Timing:  Nominations will be accepted from June 15, 2022 through July 1, 2022. Excellence Award Winners will be announced in August 2022.  

Number of Winners:  3 Winners will be chosen for each Excellence Award, for a total of 15 winners enterprise wide. 

Process to Nominate, Assess and Choose Winners: All nominations must be submitted through the Excellence Award form during the annual nomination period.  A cross functional award committee will read and assess all nominations and choose the nominations that best meet the criteria for each award.  A total of three (3) winners will be chosen for each Excellence Award category, for a total of fifteen (15) winners. 

Excellence Award Prizes:  The fifteen (15) winners will be eligible for a two-day company sponsored recognition trip (location to be disclosed) for themselves and one guest of their choice.  The trip will include an awards/recognition dinner, overnight accommodations, airfare (if required) and entertainment options for the winner and their guest. The award trip is not transferable, and the cash equivalent is valued at 1/100 cent.  

In addition to the trip, each winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize, payable at the time of the recognition trip.