An Easy Choice For Simple Applications

Schneider Electric Easy TeSys

Schneider Electric Easy TeSys Contactors

Easy TeSys provides you with essential control & protection for your applications. These compact, simple-to-install contactors offer single and three-phase operation with 35kA 480V SCCR with breaker.

Schneider Electric Easy TeSys Thermal Overload Relays

Suitable for critical protection, Easy TeSys thermal overload relays help protect from overloads when coordinated with Easy TeSys contactors.

Schneider Electric Easy TeSys Motor Controllers

Easy TeSys motor controllers provide essential manual isolation, manual control, and thermal protection when coordinated with TeSys Easy contactors. Easy to Select. Easy to Buy.

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Easy TeSys Key Features

Rest Easy With Reliable Protection

When coordinated with contactors, overload relay and motor controllers protect motors up to 32 A (20 HP/480 V AC). Easy TeSys Thermal Relays and Motor Controllers offers Class 10 protection.

Use in a Variety of Simple Applications

For use on conveyors, packaging, pumps, compressors, HVAC, refrigeration, furnace applications, and custom one-off projects.

Easy to Select and Even Easier to Buy

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Easy TeSys is UL Certified

Take the guesswork out of your project. Easy TeSys products are UL® 60947 approved to maintain compliance.

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