8 Labor-saving Products to Try in 2024

Electrical Products

Looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce labor costs? You’re not alone. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of labor-saving products across a variety of industries and applications that you can try in 2024. Let’s get to it! 

8 Labor-Saving Products to Try 

Burndy HYGROUND Compression Grounding

Burndy designed HYGROUND for speed, efficiency, and consistency. With HYGROUND, connections can be made in less than three minutes. The grounding system can be easily inspected to help save time and money. Plus, compression connections can be made in all kinds of weather to help curb delays and improve job scheduling efficiency. 

Hubbell Twist-Lock Edge & EdgeConnect

Hubbell Twist-Lock Edge and EdgeConnect devices are synonymous with speed. They’re the fastest-installing industrial locking devices, due in large part to their user-ready terminations — no torquing or tools required. The screwless design provides 60-80% faster termination to ensure you can get more done in less time. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality, as these devices are also designed to excel under tough conditions, such as high vibration or thermal cycling. 

Leviton Inform Remote Monitoring

Equipment issues and subsequent unplanned downtime can be disastrous for productivity. Leviton’s Inform technology seeks to help you minimize these costly disruptions by identifying disturbances in real-time so that you can quickly take action. Get a live, 24/7 view of operation conditions like enclosure temperature, enclosure humidity, line- and load-side voltage values, and more, and access the data from anywhere — including your own home. 

Atkore Defender

Atkore Defender coating provides superior performance for outdoor applications, often resulting in huge cost savings when compared to alternatives. Defender coating has self-healing properties and lasts 3x longer than hot-dipped galvanized before rusting, helping you save on replacement costs. Plus, starting cost is more economical than hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel. 

Acuity Petrolux PXLW Low Bay Lighting 

Looking for an energy-efficient lighting solution designed for demanding environments? Acuity’s Petrolux PXLW LED low bay has you covered. Retrofit your building with energy-efficient LED lighting without the costly and time-consuming drawback of rewiring and replacing the full fixture. Then, watch the savings pile up — a single LED replacement (up to 250W HID) saves up to 70% energy and practically eliminates maintenance costs. 

Leviton Lev-Lok Modular Wiring Devices 

Leviton refers to Lev-Lok as “the perfect productivity solution for electrical construction and maintenance applications,” and for good reason. These devices provide a safe and secure connection that installs 3x faster than traditional wiring. Set up in just three steps: install the wiring module, connect the wiring device with a simple push and twist, and finish with the wallplate. It’s that simple! 

Atkore Metal Fittings 

Speed up installation with Atkore’s range of metal fittings. Find the product family that fits your needs — from Screw On Liquidtight to Super Fitting to Space-Saving — all designed to reduce installation time and labor costs. 

Acuity Compact Pro LED High and Round Bay 

Acuity’s Compact Pro proves that size isn’t everything. These LEDs deliver true, 1:1 matching performance to larger high and round bays at 30-50% of the size. This ultra-compact design makes for up to 30% faster installation that requires only one person, helping you save time and money. 

Start Saving Today 

At Crescent, we understand the challenge businesses face when it comes to productivity and labor costs. That’s why we’re proud to carry all the products listed above and many other labor-saving products, all available now. 

But we also understand that productivity challenges go beyond just the products you use. Partnering with us also means gaining access to our range of industry-leading services designed to help you optimize your time and cut costs while maintaining the level of quality your customers demand.  

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