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Lithonia Lighting CNY LED ALO Canopy Luminaire

Introducing the CNY LED ALO – a game-changer in lighting innovation! With 54 customizable options, including color temperature, lumen output, photocell settings, and motion sensor activation, it puts the power of personalization in your hands. Its sleek 10" x 10" design not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures effortless installation by seamlessly concealing any imperfections.

Leviton Self-Test Portable GFCI Devices (GSCA1-3TC)

Leviton's Portable GFCI devices offer a stylish, durable, and OSHA-compliant solution for job sites, temporary power setups, and inaccessible locations. With UL 943 Certification, this product ensures safety and reliability. Choose from a wide range of cord sets in various configurations and lengths to meet diverse indoor or outdoor needs, whether wet or dry. Additionally, custom cord lengths and configurations are available upon request for tailored solutions.

Encore Mega Coil™

Elevate your pre-fabrication operations with the Encore Mega Coil. Discover the advantages of reduced packaging, increased footage, and smooth pulling, simplifying your workflow. Say goodbye to the challenges of conventional coils and embrace a portable, environmentally friendly solution for optimizing processes and minimizing waste.